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    Hellsing Wikia Adoption

    August 12, 2017 by Munchvtec

    Hi all.

    I recently sent in an adoption request for this wikia and all looks well though i need to make a thread here letting any active users know of said request.

    I'd like to adopt to keep watch over the wikia as Hellsing is a great series and the wikia deserves nothing less than to be great. There aren't many users here and most individuals that drop by are only here for petty vandalism. Former users have even stated they will not return to the wikia because it is being 'damaged' with no moderators to assist. There are articles that have had deletion tags on them for a long time, images that don't belong here, fanon material etc. The Main Page could be updated as well though it is locked from editing by everyday users.

    I'll keep this thread…

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