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  • Gamma Venom 567

    So I was thinking do you want a hellsing video game? Also i am not buying that Kouta has written off hellsing yet and Also The hellsing video game Idea is every where and we will get a Hellsing video game franchise with Drifters.It's a Hack n slash,Third person shooter,action adventure,fighting,horror,and fantasty game with all your favorite characters and even your OC's.The game will be based on the Manga,OVA,and Anime.

    will these load of Characters


    Alucard (base,crowell,Vlad tepes,Girlycard)

    Seras Victoria(base,Blood Seras)

    Integra Hellsing (non playable)

    Walter C. Dornez(Old,young,and dark walter)

    Pip Bernadotte(with ghost mode)

    Alexander Anderson(normal Monster of God)

    Enrico Maxwell(non playable)

    Heinkel Wolfe(normal,Bandaged)

    Yumie Tak…

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  • Gamma Venom 567

    I know Anderson and Heinkel are Regenerators not like the Major due to him being all machine inside.But Anderson has nanotechnology as a Regenrator because he was experimented bio-teched enigneered and cybernectically altered Priest.Heinkel was given the possible same treatment at the end acrodding to abosulte anime in Anderson's hellsing ultimate profile it states that his species is human(Cyborg) due his bio saying cybernetcially alerted.It might not be true or not but it still bothers me though so just comment and tell me your honest opinion.Gamma Venom 567

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