Look at this beautiful thing


It's in HD, too. @_@

I stumbled upon that beautiful thing on the right for the first time today, even though it's been here for six months. Upon seeing how high-quality it was, I made it the official picture in the Hellsing character infoboxes. Deciding that wasn't good enough, I made it the picture for the Hellsing Organization in the Main Page's slideshow, AND it's now our Featured Media! Maybe I should add it to the Hellsing Organization page, too. I REALLY like that picture. Here's a shoutout to User Hellsinner for uploading it! *deep bow* Arigatou!

I've been busy in the past few days, too. Surprise you guys, I actually did some adminning things! Among some cleanup editing, I updated Seras' photo gallery and created one for PIp , which reminded me...why doesn't this wiki have an entire page just for pictures of a certain category? Isn't that a thing I need to figure out how to make that. It would be cool to see all pictures of a subject just at a glance.  

Why does Pip wear the flag of Belgium?

There was also some interesting discussion going on by the Admin's Pick talk page about Pip's nationality. Does anybody know why he's wearing the flag of Belgium on his lapel in some of his pictures? He's not Belgian, he's French (this has been confirmed). So why? Comment below if you've got any idea or done some research on the matter.

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