I've decided recently I like the word "revamp". I really, really like the word "revamp". It sounds so snazzy! So retro! So...well, awesome!

Yes, you guessed it folks, I am in the middle of some Hellsing-Wiki-revamping. The Main Page was the first successful revamp. Soon, the new infoboxes Dino crisis fan has created will be next.

I tell ya, those new infoboxes are awesome! Now, not only do we have an infobox for general characters, but there's also one for Iscariot members, Hellsing members, and Millennium members! ey even have a little picture at the bottom! It's so awesome! I swear, one of these days (relatively soon), Dino crisis fan is going to get a cookie. Yes, through the Internet. Don't ask how.

But I also like it when things match. Right now, the new templates aren't of the same format as the rest of the boxes, not having a border, having a couple extra labels, and the entire left side of it being colored. I like the color, (actually, I think they were very wise color choices) but we've got to have all the Infoboxes matching. It makes the wiki look neat and professional.

As soon as I figure out how to do that. You see, the code itself is very different, too. So now I have to either figure out an entirely different infobox code format, or try to replace it with the old kind and see if it still works. Wish me luck!

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