Remember "OHMYGOD I Did It", when I created the first infobox template this wiki had ever seen? Well, it's happened again: OHMYGOD, I've finally completed our Weapons Template! Now that might seem like not as much as a big deal than the very first template ever, but I had been struggling with that thing for months, trying to make the stupid words white- because I sure as hell wasn't changing that black background. Well, now we have it! And quite by accident, too. I found a template on the Bleach Wiki that had white text, and decided to see how they got their words to be white. Now, although I had been doing the exact same thing for monnths, mind you, for some reason this time it worked! *pumps fists and dances around* Wohoo!!! We can get to posting that Weapons Template now, peoples!

Ahem. In other news.

As I apologetically explained to Earth-san, I might not be on this wiki as much as I used to. This is a super-important year in my academic career, and I want to focus on it. *bows* I'm sorry, Hellsing Wiki! But I'm starting to prioritize for once in my life here!

Post-Script: I just checked the timeline on my user page and damn, I've been working on that Weapons template awhile! It said I created the template on July 6.

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