Yesterday Earth-san informed me that we now have episode templates. See? Don't they look cool? He says it's all thanks to me, but I had only dreamed of the idea, I never would have gotten around to it. He actually did. Go Earth-san!

So. It's summer now. I can start cracking now. Even though I started my vacation a bit early on the 5th; I was really restless, so I added info to the Casull, updated the Wanted Pages list, added an infobox template to Seras' profile, and added more to the About page (I found this cool picture of Walter reading. :D) Oh, and I added a pic of bayonets. (Thanks, AleximMose!)

Speaking of, we are slowly getting all the pictures we need, including some awesome ones for the weapons (again: thanks, AleximMose!) The main character have profile pictures from their concept design on the anime. (Integra, Walter, Alucard, and Seras Victoria.)

Um...what else...oh, yeah. I can start on some of the bigger projects on this wiki, including starting pages for each episode with Earth-san and finishing pages for each Volume. (Earth-san has usually been pretty good about that. I give my gratitude to him.) I'd also like to add a "Did You Know?" section to the Main Page, for all those cool things in the "Trivia" that people seldom see. But that's just a dream.

And another thing. A thing I've noticed on other great Anime wikis is the box at the bottom of articles for anime episodes, manga volumes, or OVAs. They provide a link to other episodes in the continuity, by number. We should have that. If you know what I'm talking about, good. I'm going to see if I can develop something like that on here.

Post-Script: After a bit of research, I found out that the mysterious boxes are called navigation boxes, or navboxes. Now go! Look 'em up for me.

Post-Script #2: Wow, this post was longer than usual. It also has way more links than normal. Didn't expect that. *sweatdrop*

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