Leave it to a hurricane to make me an actually productive admin.*

That's right, I'm active again, and I've decided I'm going to work on the big projects first before tackling the small-fry wiki modding (page edits, page moves, new pages with useless content, ect.). I know that first sentence makes me sound like a stuck-up asshole, but I'm doing this for my own sanity - do you know how many major page changes there have been during my inactivity that I'd have to backlog through?

I didn't think so.

Anyway, I've got a few major changes planned for this wiki in these few days of spare time I've got, so everybody better brace themselves! I've already implemented my polls, gave the "Needs Help" banner a makeover (now I've just got to remember to actually use that thing) and experimented with that slider feature. Now my master plan will commence.

  • The Main Page will be completely redone to look like the other Wikis' pages. And that means adding a Slider to the top. It also means moving the polls to the left.
  • The News section of the Main Page may have to be eliminated. We don't get many announcements around here.
  • My poll tells me that you guys favor making a separate page for each continuity of each major character (something I'm against, but whatever), so I'll get to working on that.
  • I'm going to dust off those navboxes from my Sandbox and put them to use, placing them at the bottom of each Hellsing: Ultimate OVA pages and the manga volumes' pages. That way, you guys will be able to easily see the series at a glance.

Oh, and I think there's going to be a new section on the Main Page, as well. It'll be some sort of "Message From your Admin" type-deal. When I need help from you guys to make this Wiki a better place, I'll put out a request for help and you'll see it up there. Look out for it pretty soon! Well, I guess that's it for now. You have been warned.

*Oh no! My secret identity! The users now know that I'm somewhere east of the Mississippi River! What ever shall I do?

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