I learned something today: Wikipedia has a very, very large accumulation of information on guns. There are articles on every gun known to mankind, along every with bullet and caliber, every variation of every gun, and every gun designer that there ever has been.

If you need to know about how fast a bullet fired from the gun travels, it will be there. If you need to know how many governments, groups, and companies use that type of gun, it will be there.

The only reason I know this is because I've decided to create articles to match the awesome pictures that AleximMose posted of different weapons used by the characters. (For the umpteenth time: THANKS ALEXIMOSE!)

I need to research some of it, and Wikipedia has what I need. I'm telling you, guys, those articles had to be written by either somebody who's obsessed with firearms, or someone who works extremely closely with them every day. Or both. (I suppose these would be people you'd call "gun enthusiasts"?) It's so impressive, it's scary.

Making these gun articles is actually easier and less time-consuming than creating an article for every episode, which is what I had originally planned to do...I'm going to get there eventually. I am, really. Just not right now. Because even though it's summer, I still have an...interesting schedule. Antyway, this is my project now. The episodes will come later. :)

Post-Script: The articles that I've created so far- about the guns- are Modified M1 Garand and Modified P90.

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