Alright, so I admit. I haven't been entirely faithful to this wiki. Lately, I've been doing some work at the Change 123 wiki, and have recently acquired adminship over there. And I'm already the admin over here! *guilty* Is that bad?

I even found myself gazing longingly at the "edit" button on a page on the Battle Angel Alita Wiki, a manga I've been reading recently. And I'm already the admin of two wikis! Oh, I'm such a terrible person! How could I possibly expect myself to become a manager of two rapidly maturing wikis, and a major contributor of another? I really need to learn to focus.

The good news is, Summer's coming up. That leaves me a bit more time to watch the Hellsing OVA, and other things I've been meaning to get to. I'll devote more time to this place, I promise.

Besides, I think I might have redeemed myself in nominating the Hellsing Wiki for the Animanga July '10 Spotlight. See?

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