I've been gone a LOT, pretty much inactive. Occasionally I check my emails to see of my watched pages have undergone any major changes, or if someone's posted a message on my wall. This is how the recent antics of PyroGothNerd and Werebereus came to my attention. 

They've gotten into a couple of arguments about Wiki protocol and editing over the past few weeks; differing definitions of "Trivia", what small pages are considered "relevant" and should or should not be deleted from the wiki. I haven't weighed in on these issues yet. I'm certainly planning to. 

I also found a blog post in which Werebereus asked the perfectly justified question of if any admins were even still active. As the only remaining admin, I haven't been really active on this Wiki in years, and I felt kinda bad. He was asking for volunteers about admiship. PGN reminded him that he'd have to go through me. Rightly so. 

I read both of these guys profiles. Both very new users. Werebereus has about 300 edits despite joining the Hellsing Wiki only A MONTH AND A HALF AGO. PGN has about 130 since joining a month ago, but seems to be adept at writing template code (and wiki rules), areas close to my own heart. 

Congratulations, PGN and Werebereus. You've inspired me to get active in this Wiki (not just as a casual editor, as an BUREAUCRAT, my official title) again. You guys have made yourselves very serious contenders for the title of "Admin".

But first I have to brush up on some wiki policies, rules, and coding. Stay tuned. 

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