The Color Earth-san recently said on his page that he wants to see more work done on the Major's page, because he's his favorite character. So I've decided that I'll see what I can do.I'm not guaranteeing anything, but I think that I owe it to The Color Earth-san (you know what, I think I should just start calling him 'Earth-san') to clean up his favorite character's page- especially after all the help he's given me. Yup, I'll definitely see what I can do.

In Other News: I like experimenting with the Menu bar, that side bar that's always there stuck on the side of the page. I like to change things around, add links, delete links, switch link order, ect. Recently, I decided that visitors to the wiki need to see who made this whole series anyway- so I added a link for Kouta Hirano-sensei on the page! And I created a big fancy page for him, all by myself! (Okay, so I hadthe help of Wikipedia on that one, but still.) Wohoo! I just feel like shouting to the world, "LOOKEE WHAT I DID! That awesome link on the Menu Bar? I did that!!!"

But maybe, as usual, I'm just too excited over this. >.>

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