Okay Okay, so I'm Inactive

So as some of you may have noticed, I'm not the most active member on this wiki. Much to my shame, there are two other members on this wiki who have made more edits than I have, I believe. That says a lot about me and how much I do here.

I won't pretend any longer. I can no longer be counted as a regularly active admin. There. I admitted it.

However, I still hold great pride in this wiki and what it's become with the help of members like GammaVenom and now-inactive admin TheColorEarth. I still have my pride as an admin. So I come up and check on this wiki every once in awhile, just to make sure it hasn't been completely trashed. Someday I'll make a comeback for real, start a crusade of quality edits, and improve this wiki visibly, just like the good ol' days. 

Admin Requests

I've just truly noticed how many admin requests I've been getting in the past year. It's only three, but that's quite new to me. To all those people, I say this: there are standards, and there are qualifications.

If I see you contact my talk page a lot asking me questions or presenting a big idea on how you think this wiki could be made better, you're halfway there. If I see you make a LOT of edits and contributions towards that same purpose, stretching the limits of the permissions you already have as a regular users, well then shit, you've impressed me. 

THEN I'll consider making you a co-admin of mine. And not before. 

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