aka Alucard (The Abridged version)

  • I live in The Hellsing Castle
  • My occupation is Being a Fuck Mothering Vampire. hunting other monsters.
  • ARealVampire

    Since this is the first blog i guess i should start from the begining, or should i say the parts you dont know about yet. lets start from my return.

    I waited for years to be whole again, to be able to exsist. i had to use so many souls to do so, i had to keep one of course, the one that destroyed me... of all people it had to be the fucking cat-boy, I have gained some sweet powers because of it but still... a fucking cat-boy. Anyway let me get back to the story.

    I senced that i was back to normal and decided to show integra first, after a looooong akward silence she hugged me... she actualy hugged me, told me she was glad that i was back and that she missed me. Then the police girl came in, as soon as she saw me she got scared and wouldnt ge…

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