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This is the Anime version of Seras. For the OVA version, click here.

Seras Victoria (セラス・ヴィクトリア, Serasu Vikutoria) is the main character of the Hellsing anime. Seras was turned into a vampire by Alucard to save her from a would-be fatal gunshot wound in the chest, that he also caused while shooting the Cheddar Priest. In both the television series and the OVA, her voice actor is Fumiko Orikasa. Seras' English voice actor in both series is Katherine T. Gray.


Seras is a young woman with short, orange-colored hair, blue eyes; however, her eyes stay red after Alucard turns her into a vampire. She usually wears a light blue Hellsing uniform with a short skirt, tall black socks, and short black boots.


In the anime, the story is told primarily from Seras' point of view, allowing to act as more of a narrator.

She is more aggressive than her manga counterpart as, on her first meeting with Alucard in the first episode, she first shoots him. In the 8th episode, her impulsive personality can be observed when she mockingly speaks to a mercenary and bends the barrel of his weapon without hesitation after she was made fun of.


Before being recruited into HellsingEdit

Seras was placed in Division 11 of the English Police, the precursor to SO19 team sent to Cheddar to combat the vampire. Seras' D-11 teammates often watched out for her, affectionately referring to her as "Kitten". Seras' entire D-11 team were turned into ghouls, either by the priest vampire or the other ghouls roaming Cheddar. Seras confronts him inside the village church.

After being recruited into HellsingEdit

After being turned into a vampire by Alucard, who kept her safe and warm, she was recruited into the Hellsing Organisation. She met the Hellsing Army led by Captain Garrick who was warm and welcoming to her. She was immediately sent on missions before she could even understand what happened to her and what she was doing, under the organisation's cold leader, Integra Hellsing, who initially despised her.


Integra HellsingEdit

Her relationship with Integra Hellsing is strained and professional in the TV series. It's purely employee-employer with a degree of prejudice on Integra's behalf. Despite that, Seras makes it her duty to protect Integra and even shows regret when she could not save her from Bubbancy's attack.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In Episode 2, Seras is encouraged by her commanding officer to use her heightened marksmanship to take out a rouge vampire, despite failing to do so. She is known to have the limited ability to regenerate herself, as seen after Alexander Anderson throws a blessed sword through her neck. Like most other vampires seen throughout the series, Seras utilizes her pronounced senses and speed in nearly every combat situation. Before going on one of her earlier missions, she questioned her team's choice in giving her a cumbersome weapon, only to discover how light it felt in her hand. In a later episode, she demonstrates her strength as a vampire by damaging the barrel of a Hellsing recruit's weapon by simply twisting it. These both serve as examples of Seras's strength. During the raid of a warehouse in Episode 5, a time-bomb trap in a closet is sensed by her, giving the team a warning and showing a skill close to that of Clairvoyance.


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