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Seras Victoria's' Original Rifle (Hellsing Anti-Midians 13.7mm) was the weapon of Seras Victoria before she received the Harkonnen from Walter C. Dornez.


Seras received this rifle, which is assumed to be standard issue for Hellsing soldiers, in the first few episodes of the anime. This was before Walter decided that she needed a sidearm that complemented her superhuman vampire strength.

In the original anime, the rifle had a more black polymer finish and stock, but in the OVA, it was switched to wood. This weapon is clearly manufactured by the Hellsing organization for anti-vampire combat, though it is uncertain who was intended to wield it before Seras joined. The stock engraving reads "Anti-Midians". The actual design is based off of the Mauser 1918 T-Gewehr a 13.2mm bolt action anti-tank rifle used by Germany in World War I.


When Seras first joins the Hellsing Organization army, she receives this rifle as a sniper.

Bullets and RoundsEdit

In the first anime series, this rifle was fully automatic, as it appeared to be self-loading. However, in the OVA, Seras fires it exclusively in a semi-automatic manner. Later on in its usage in the anime and OVA, it is used with a drum magazine.

She also used it with a drum magazine later on in the Anime and OVA. The stock engraving reads "Anti-Midians" and gives the caliber of the round as a massive 13.7mm, unusually large for a rifle.

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