Andersen Monster of God

Alexander Anderson after he utilized Helena's Nail to become a Monster of God.

This is a list of creatures other than vampires, with links to main articles.


See Human

The world's (self-proclaimed) dominant species.


See Werekin Werewolves and other humans that turn into or are otherwise merged with animals.

Monster of GodEdit

Alexander Anderson became one of these after ramming Helena's Nail into his heart, causing him to grow thorns. Alucard calls this creature a "Monster of God" and because of this, Anderson and Alucard were evenly matched.



The power to be forever young and recover from almost any injury, his regeneration ability gives him immortal properties. 


The Monster of God is extremely close to being completely immune to injury or wear and tear; Anderson is able to almost instantly reform. These reformations occur in a flurry of thorns, modeled after the crown that was placed on Jesus' head when he was crucified.


Anderson's shape changes after he becomes a Monster of God; his body turns into thorns.

Enhanced Strength and SpeedEdit

When under the influence of the Nail, Anderson becomes even faster and stronger than he was before.


Anderson is able to set things on fire after fusing with the Nail.


Anderson is capable of using vines to bind his enemies.


Loss of SelfEdit

Once Anderson fused with the Nail, he became a completely different person as noted by the other priests.

Vulnerability to the NailEdit

The one major weakness of this creature is the Nail itself. The Nail stayed sticking out of Anderson's body to some extent, and was readily visible to Alucard. Removing the nail caused Anderson to revert to human form.


These Species exist as comical and helpful, usually in the form of weapon spirits.


Entities with great powers; multiple Beings who created the Universe and control the Elements

Familiars and GhostsEdit

Familiars are the ghosts of those whose spiritual essence lives inside a vampire to whom is capable of summoning it as its servant.

Notable GhostsEdit

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