Vampires are the main antagonists in most of the Hellsing series. Although other villains come into the plot such as Nazis and agents from Iscariot, sinister vampires are consistent opponents to the protagonists (i.e. Alucard, Sir Integra, Seras, and the rest of the Hellsing Organization).

Some vampires are key to the plot and have very important roles in the story; others are support characters, throwaway extras, or simply one-shot villains that are not mentioned after more than a few episodes. The following is a comprised list of vampires in the Hellsing anime who fit that criteria.

Hellsing Episode 1: The UndeadEdit

Vampire ProstituteEdit

Vil m
She appears in the beginning of the first episode, as Alucard's first kill on screen. At first she appears to be a prostitute, with her client's dialogue implying that he's a vampire; it later turns out that she is actually the vampire, or a Draculina. She wears the millennium eye, also seen on Jan Valentine's hat, on her necklace, implying that she may be a member of Millennium.

An identical model, though in a red dress instead of a black one, is staggering around in the beginning of the second episode, and attacks Kim. She is killed by a Hellsing Sniper after Seras can't get the will to shoot.

Her hairstyle resembles the one of Alucard's female form.

Fake Cheddar PriestEdit


Supposedly a quiet and devoted man of God, this unnamed character was a vampire posing as a priest in a church in Cheddar, England. At the time, Seras Victoria was working with the London Police Department and was called out with her special unit to investigate the upheaval the priest and his ghouls were causing. This power-hungry vampire ambushed Seras with his ghouls and had almost killed her- until Hellsing's finest agent was deployed by The Hellsing Organization to 'clean up' the scene. He is shot in the heart and susequently impaled by Alucard after his Ghoul army is destroyed and he unsuccesfully tries to take Seras as a hostage.

Hellsing Episode 2: Club MEdit

Leif and JessicaEdit

Hellsing leif portrait

Leif and Jessica are newly turned vampires, comparatively weak and not even being able to fight without bullets. For over a week they pillaged homes and killed people, afterward scrawling words with the blood of the victims on the walls of their homes. They believe that after nine more killings, they will become invincible and everlasting. However, Hellsing soon hears about their ventures and sends Alucard and Seras to kill them both. Alucard is perturbed that these lowlifes would stoop this low, and easily kills Leif; Seras, realizing her powers as a vampire, is able to shoot Jessica through the heart at long range, without the aid of a telescopic sight.

They were also in the Hellsing Manga and OVA. Their role in those versions of Hellsing is the same except in the TV series, they drive around on a moped.

Hellsing Episode 3 : Sword DancerEdit


Enrico StivalettiEdit

A foreign exchange college student who appears in Episode 3. He is actually the first artificial vampire shown implanted with the 'freak chip' as he attempts to turn another student Mick, with whom he was heavily implied to have been in a romantic relationship, into a vampire for the sake of "being together forever". After being apprehended and later placed in the morgue with the chip removed he is believed dead. This is later disproved when he comes back to "life" in search for Mick. Anderson was sent by the Iscariot Organization to destroy the foreign vampire but is rudely interrupted when Alucard is the one to kill him.

Miscellaneous EpisodesEdit

Vil d

"Vampire Bitches"Edit

In addition to an army of ghouls, The Valentine Brothers employ a group of young women with prominent fangs to keep them company.These young women, possibly prostitutes, only hiss, dance, and bite, and do not talk. They do not join the Valentine Brothers' main attack and never make another appearance.

Paul WilsonEdit

Vil p
Paul Wilson was one of the SAS Military that was turned into Vampires by Incognito. He tried to convince Seras Victoria in her dreams that she should join him, and later in Episode 12 by claimning that if she never drinks blood by her own will she will always be a servant to her master. During Paul and Seras' battle, he transforms into his other monsterous form, resembling a bat-like Lycanthrope (or more accuratelly, a Chiropteranthrope). Seras then shoves a Harkonnen shell in his mouth and detonates it, killing him.


  • Enrico Stivaletti shares the same first name as Enrico Maxwell, a main character in the manga and OVA (he appears in the anime, but only once briefly).

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