Chief Makube or Chief M'quve is Enrico Maxwell's successor as the Bureau Director of the Iscariot Organization. He is seen in the final chapter impressed and clapping by himself, interrupting the celebration at the end of a fencing match between the then-Sir Penwood and Integra Hellsing, claiming he and the Iscariot delegation "were tired of waiting at the lobby". He is quickly sent back there by Integra, who commands him to stay there until she summons him.


He seems to be much more level-headed than Maxwell was, although he could be equally fanatical; his level-headedness (or at least a healthy self-preservation instinct) comes to surface when Heinkel Wolfe suggests a plan to kill half the Round Table, at the cost of killing both of them as well. He promptly negates permission and responds that Iscariot is willing to wait another century or two before beginning the 10th Crusade, ruminating it will be "the one they win". It could be arguable that he is tolerant unlike his predecessor.

He is definitely ordained, but it is unclear as to whether he is a priest or a bishop. He has a scar on his face, but it is unclear as to how he got it. He is shown to be perceptive of supernatural matters as he was aware that Seras' shadow, Pip, was there before being able to seemingly damage him or get him to back off. Because his prototype had supernatural abilities himself (he was a warlock), this could suggest Makube may still possess these powers in Hellsing. Little else is known about him, except what can be derived from his prototype (his design was drawn directly from one of Hirano's earlier works), and that his name is a possible reference to either Mobile Suit Gundam or Rock Makube. Alternatively, his last name could be a reference to Shakespeare's play Macbeth, as one translation of the name Makube is a japanese romanization of the play's title - the play has symbolic ties to the Protestant Reformation also.


In the Dark Horse Comics translation of Hellsing: Volume 10 in English, he is called "Chief Makube" on page 165. Since Dark Horse's English translation is widely considered to be the official translation of Hellsing, it is assumed that this is the correct English spelling of his name. Before the release of Dark Horse Comics' Volume 10, his name was often spelled M'Quive, M'Quve, or M'Qube by fans, possibly due to its confusing phonetic spelling in Japanese as "Ma-ku-be". In Japanese, "be" is synonymous with the syllable representing "ve".


  • It is possible Makube has regenerative abilities of his own, because he is apparently Enrico Maxwell's successor as Bureau Director, even though appears in his 30s and Maxwell was killed 30 years ago, which would either means that he is a regenerator who is much older than he appears, or he is Maxwell's successor's successor or he was put in charge while he was still a child, mirroring Integra Hellsing's background.
  • Another theory that Makube could be the boy from Volume 3 who informed Anderson for dinner while Anderson was watching Alucard on the news.
  • Makube was based on Makube Azaraku from Susume Seigaku
  • During the final scene of his appearance in the series, it can be seen that the glove on his right hand is very similar to the one worn by Alexander Anderson: it is inscribed "Jesus Christ is in Heaven" with a cross in the background.


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