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This is a page about another Manga written by Kouta Hirano

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We allow small pages for manga that Kouta Hirano made before Hellsing, because you can see how his later Hellsing characters started to form. As a result, this article should not go into extreme detail, and should be kept brief. A brief summary of the plot may be included, but the main purpose of the article is to showcase the characters in the series that would later serve as templates for later characters. As such, any characters from this manga must be kept strictly on this article, and only ones that relate to the Hellsing series should be described in detail.
Desert Guradian

Desert Guardian is a manga created by Kouta Hirano before Hellsing that features a character similar to Millennium's Captain in Hellsing.

The story take place in the Middle East.The Captain helps a boy to rescue his sister.

Notable Differences from HellsingEdit

Unlike in the Hellsing series, this Captain actually speaks and he serves as a protagonist instead of an antagonist like in Hellsing.

Prototype Hellsing Characters FeaturedEdit

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