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This is a page about another Manga written by Kouta Hirano

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We allow small pages for manga that Kouta Hirano made before Hellsing, because you can see how his later Hellsing characters started to form. As a result, this article should not go into extreme detail, and should be kept brief. A brief summary of the plot may be included, but the main purpose of the article is to showcase the characters in the series that would later serve as templates for later characters. As such, any characters from this manga must be kept strictly on this article, and only ones that relate to the Hellsing series should be described in detail.

Yumiko Takagi, left, and Heinkel Wolfe, right, Iscariot agents.

Crossfire is a manga published by Kouta Hirano at the ends of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 of the Hellsing manga. It features The Hellsing characters Heinkel Wolfe and Yumiko Takagi, with cameos by Alexander Anderson and Enrico Maxwell in a storyline that takes place separately from Hellsing canon.


Crossfire follows Heinkel Wolfe and Yumie Takagi, an assassin and a nun who work for the Iscariot organization. They call themselves "earthly agents of divine punishment".

Across the three chapters, Heinkel and Yumie face a variety of opposition, including Islamic terrorists, Communist revolutionaries,, and finally, an obscure pagan cult. None of these pose any real threat to them.

Main charactersEdit

Heinkel Wolfe (ハインケル・ウーフー Hainkeru Ūfū?)

Heinkel dresses in the manner of a priest, but is obviously a nun, though she has many masculine personality traits. She is the unofficial leader of the team. She is usually calm and level-headed, although still a fanatical Catholic. Her primary weapon is a modified .50 caliber Desert Eagle semi-automatic pistol.

Yumie Takagi (高木 由美江 Takagi Yumie) / Yumiko Takagi (高木 由美子 Takagi Yumiko?)

Yumiko Takagi is Heinkel's partner. She is usually underestimated because at first glance she appears gentle and has a pacifistic nature. However, Yumiko has split personality disorder. Her other personality, Yumie, is an extremely violent, katana-wielding killer whose devotion to the Catholic Church approaches that of zealotry. Yumie's swordstyle is referred to as tougen battou jai ryuu, a sword discipline which the sword is rapidly drawn from its scabbard, often at a speed too fast for opponents to react. How Yumie learned this style is unknown.

The two personalities are easy to point out: Yumiko wears eyeglasses, while Yumie does not. Yumiko is also aware of Yumie's presence, but she would like to see Yumie "sleep" instead of waking her... because of the violence she can cause.

Notable Differences from HellsingEdit

Enrico Maxwell, the head of Iscariot, makes an appearance; however, he has glasses and his hair is not slicked back as it is in Hellsing. Hirano has said at the end of Volume 2 that he altered Maxwell's character design at the last minute so that he didn't resemble Integra too much. It is this reason why he wrote it out of canon.

Crossfire was intended to be animated as part of the Hellsing OVA series, but it never was. Eventually, Crossfire was released as a Drama CD released as an extra with Hellsing OVA VI's and OVA VII's Limited Edition. Every voice from Hellsing proper reprised their roles for this production. Even Alexander Anderson appears but in a younger appearance.

Prototype Characters FeaturedEdit

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