Reborn 1 640TORISUNA follows a group of mercenaries with similarities, all very powerful and intent on causing evil. The main character in TORISUNA is Rykotsu Torisuna, he is the son of Satan and has been around for thousands of years. He holds power beyond imagination, and is an extremely diabolical person, though under it all he's truly a very sad person. There are eight other members in TORISUNA, Dark, Taiykotsu, Crowley, Kerretsu, Roxas, Void, Vincent and Koyasha. Koyasha is the biological son of Rykotsu and Rayne ( Rykotsu's old-time lover. ), he was abused emotionally and physically by Rykotsu, who considered him a bastard child; not worthy of his presence. Koyasha himself holds tremendous powers, but cannot fully control them because of his inability to confront his emotions. Dark is Rykotsu's "brother", though not through any biological means, he joined Rykotsu in his search for power many years ago and has since then become like family. Dark is a very crude man, always spewing profanity and starting fights to prove to himself that he was powerful. He's a very sadistic and diabolical man very much like Rykotsu, and possibly even more so. He, as well as the rest of TORISUNA, holds power beyond belief. Taiykotsu is an odd man with an even odder history, most of it is unknown, belittled to himself even. What's known most about Taiykotsu is his change of heart, it's as though he is bi-polar. He can be nice as ever at one point, and then turn completely evil at the next, wanting to massacre villages and cities and then some. To Rykotsu, Taikykotsu is considered his brother. Crowley is the most mysterious of the group, he is a master-mind at everything he does, and despite not having much power he makes up for in smarts. He has been following TORISUNA, Rykotsu mainly, for many years and only frequently ( a few hundred years ago frequently ) decided to join up. He is a master illusionist and a "mad-scientist." Nothing else is known about Crowley, not even to the members of the group. Kerretsu is the baby of the group, he doesn't know what he's doing; or even what he wants. Kerretsu has power at his disposal, and he doesn't even know it. He's frail, and kind-hearted; though can be cruel when the time calls for it. Kerretsu's past is vastly unknown compared to the rest of Torisuna, next to Crowley and Vincent, nothing else is known about Kerretsu. Roxas was a member in the group for quite some time, but was only used as a pawn. He was smug, and thought he ruled the world just because TORISUNA allowed him in. Only a year after, Dark killed Roxas after he finished what they had pawned him for. Void is a complex and interesting creature, next to Dark and Rykotsu, he is the most powerful of TORISUNA. Little is known of his past, or present. Recently he was locked away into a being known as Nitsua. Vincent, the last member of TORISUNA, is a very powerful being that rivals even that of Rykotsu, Dark and Void. Rykotsu and Vincent had a relationship like brothers, like Dark and him have, though it was severed as Vincent went turn-coat and betrayed TORISUNA, revealing that he was actually a member of SHEOL.

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